God shapes us constantly, so we study, learn from each other and share life.  Our ages, life experiences and perspectives cover the whole spectrum, but we believe we are better together and with God.  We have regular Sunday school for children & adults, Bible study, vacation Bible school, women’s circles, frequent meals and many more occasional and seasonal activities.   We provide seasonal resources to help people grow in faith in their daily lives.

We serve.

Dr. Dan Bruggeman

Music Director

We grow.

Rev. Mike Kern


Our Staff

Exclamation point

Worship is central to our life together.  It's where we are fed with the Word of God and Holy Communion.  We connect to each other, and connect our everyday lives to God.  We are sent out to be the Body of Christ in the world.  Some aspects of our worship are more traditional and other parts more contemporary.  We believe nothing speaks of God’s redeeming love better than Christ himself, so we receive Holy Communion every week.

Why the exclamation point?

From our very first time we met on August 2, 1998, we have concluded every service with a call, “Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord,” to which the congregation emphatically responds, “Hosanna!”  The exclamation point has been a part of our name and our style of ministry ever since.

OUR PURPOSE: Hosanna! is a joyful faith community welcoming, honoring, and serving all people. In our community of Christ, we belong, learn, and serve.
We worship.

God has gifted us and calls us to use these gifts for the good of all. We assemble blankets and prayer shawls for the sick (over 1,400 a year!), provide snacks for families waiting at the hospital, partner with local food pantries and service agencies to provide for those in need, visit and help the homebound, offer health and wellness resources to all, offer worship at a local nursing facility, support mission and development work around the world, and much, much more!

Cathy Baker

Administrative Assistant